We are family

Launched by Alain Moses in 1994 and developed by his sons Anthony and Sébastien (THE twins), TWINS offers proven continuity with regard to both decisions and management.

Our knowledge of global markets and properties has been developed through strong relationships forged by the Moses family for well over two decades. Built on trust, the alliances have stood the test of time. Having pioneered the path, we continue to push boundaries.

Decisions pass through a short circuit at TWINS. There is no long, shifting chain of command. It keeps us agile. And ensures we are always at the ready to face market changes.

Staying a step ahead defines us.

Our teams

39 people – 6 in the US, 4 in Asia – with diverse experiences and skills, each one complementing the other.
More than half the team has been on board for over 8 years. The other half joined the team more recently, keeping us fresh and inspired.

Present in Europe, the US and Asia, we never sleep: there is always someone to pick up the phone.
We pride ourselves on being open and friendly. But make no mistake, we take what we do very seriously.
Every project, every client is treated like the only one. You will always have our full attention.

I like undertaking and implementing projects quickly. I am a very impatient man especially when I am hungry at 10AM.
I do not like inertia, incompetence and lack of flexibility.

Alain Moses

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

I like seing my colleagues happy and fulfilled at the office.
I do not like being in a hurry, unfortunately it is my day to day job. The time is long past when we could have time !

Sebastien Moses


I like discovering unknown little gems to promote them in America.
I hate going to the gym (although I have no choice because we have one in the office….).

Anthony Moses


US Team

I like the collaborative and diverse energy at TWINS. Prioritizing trust for customers, team members and suppliers so we can share the wealth of great wine! I also enjoy Vitamin D and hot yoga sessions, alongside a bowl of spicy gumbo and jazz/blues to feed my New Orleans soul.
I dislike giving ETAs to customers, sitting for too long, and taking the New York subway past 10pm.

Cassidy Stiebing

Regional Sales Director - New England, Southern California, Mid Atlantic, Florida

I like being useful and finding solutions for our customers.
I also like the amazing work atmosphere at Twins, ideal for everyone’s personal development
I do not like US taxes and strikes in Ports!

Aymar Cruse

Export Director USA

I love working with such a fun and diverse team that feels like Family. I wish I could see them more often. We are also lucky to work with some of the world’s greatest wines and producers and that what it’s all about.

Lara Mancini Bond

Regional Sales Director - NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

US Team

Sports fan with a passion for Rugby, I also have a deep love for gastronomy and discovering new restaurants with niche concepts. As primarily a wine passionate, I maintain my deep ties to old world wines, however I welcome the opportunity to discover and appreciate new wine trends.

I don’t like negative people.They add a disagreeable energy and hinder production in a time where we need all the positivity and mental support possible. I also dislike cinnamon, which is a popular ingredient in American dessert.

Lambert Rollat

Regional Sales Director - NY / NEW JERSEY

I love great food, great wines, great people – if possible, all of the above together !
I also love receiving orders – So, keep sending those!
I don’t like US taxes, cancellations and out of stock items! But, hey, that’s not gonna stop us! So let’s deal with it together!

Guillaume Vialle

Regional Sales Director - NY / NEW JERSEY

I am happy to be part of Twins’ team. I like the ambiance, the kindness of everyone and the exciting wine tastings!
I don’t like late replies and cold days.

Melissa Medlej

Sales Support Specialist

I like the international aspect at TWINS and having discussions with our clients from all over the world. During my breaks, I enjoy catching up with my colleagues in the kitchen while eating a piece of chocolate and drinking a cup of tea (major consumer ?).
I don’t like being not getting replies when I wish to stick to a deadline.

Camille Galan

Sales Support Specialist

I like to start my day early with a nice latte and I love the stimulating adrenaline I get from my job.
I don’t like incomplete work, lack of energy and routine.

Margot Rouanne

NY / NEW JERSEY Sales - US Inventory Manager

I have always enjoyed being part of a team, in the army, playing rugby or at work. TWINS has the best team atmosphere I have ever encountered.
I don’t like negativity…

Gerry Keogh

Regional Sales Director - MIDWEST

Europe, Canada and Japan Team

I dislike Bordeaux-bashing (too easy), cloves in sauerkraut (so better without) and taking a flight without seeing the pilot before takeoff.
But I love thinking everything is possible … especially at TWINS.

Esther Degorce-Dumas

Export Director EUROPE / CANADA
Business Development Director

I like to end my day with the feeling of having learned something new, especially about a wine after tasting it.
As the values defended by TWINS, I personally like true human relationships, whether with my friends, my colleagues or my clients.

I don’t really like bad payers but celery remains the worst thing in earth for me… So imagine a celery dinner with a bad payer… !

Nicolas Berthommier

Sales Manager – EUROPE

I like the relationship with people who share my interest in wine.
I do not like talking about what I do not like.

Claire Boin

Sales Support Specialist

I like the relationships I have built with my customers: advising them on their future purchases helps me improve. Every year is a new discovery, every vintage is different: that makes my job inspiring.
I dislike being the bearer of bad news such as smaller allocations, or asking for an unpaid invoice.

Maritza Cirech

Sales Support Specialist

I love to start the day with (a lot of) English Breakfast Tea and to finish the week with a (little) white Hermitage. I prefer cycling to driving to avoid the endless traffic jams on Bordeaux’s ring-road.
And, being a sleepy-head, I hate the harsh awakening of all the office lights being suddenly turned on when my colleagues arrive in the morning.

Helen Boulac

Export Director - UK / JAPAN

I like music and playing an instrument to create a harmony with someone.
This is exactly the same as my work philosophy, I like working with my colleagues and customers to create something new!
I don’t like staying in one place and giving up thinking.

Eiji Takemura

Sales Manager - JAPAN

Asia Team

I like travelling, supporting customers in their daily working life and in their projects, and enjoying good wines with them. I like working in a team and helping to bring the best distribution of the best wines we propose all around the world.
I don’t like Monday traffic-jams and sea cucumbers !

Marjorie Chaigne

Export Director ASIA

I very much like meeting great people and sharing ideas and knowledge. I like being the bridge between our customers and TWINS, conecting our dreams and creating values.
What I dislike sometimes is when the party lasts till dawn.

Airey Wong

Sales Director - ASIA PACIFIC

I love tastings and discovering stories of estates behind some Grands Vins, in order to share with our TWINS customers.
I don’t like bad faith and sluggish IT systems.

Magali Bladier

Sales Support Specialist

Asia Team

I like sea, ocean, and sunny days, I like sharing wines with my family. my friends and my clients, I like parties!
What I dislike is the moment ` when I find a wine is corked.

Chanel Zhu

Sales Manager - CHINA

What I like in my job is that my daily life is based on communication, always sharing good moments with TWINS team, customers and châteaux.
However, what I particularly don’t like is bad wines and bad moods … and usually these go hand in hand ?

Pauline Lagarrigue

Export Director

I love the stimulating and positive atmosphere of TWINS, endless wine tastings, and sweet snacks in the kitchen.
I am generally on time and don’t like waiting for people.

Mariam Gagoshidze

Sales Support Specialist

I love TWINS family spirit and the positive energy in the company. I like putting my sneakers on during my lunch break to give me a boost for the afternoon.
I dislike daily routine and slackness.

Fabienne Lefort

Logistics Assistant

As you can see, I love… climbing ! More seriously, I like the fact that each order is different and brings new problematics and logistical challenges. And I love Twins’ team spirit.
What I dislike… Cold and rainy winter Mondays !

Charlotte Monnier

Logistics Assistant

In order to achieve my goals, I like working as a team, both in my job and in my sporting activity as a marathon runner.
I don’t like computer problems.

Sarah Abdoulhoussen

Logistics Manager

I like the young and dynamic state of mind of TWINS team and sporty lunch breaks with my colleagues.
I don’t like non-productive days, running against the wind and drinking cold tea.

Pauline Martin

Logistics Assistant

I like to work in a good mood and share delicious recipes with my colleagues. My guilty pleasure: melted cheese on pasta!
I hate to have nothing to do. And I feel powerless when I am facing a situation that I can’t change.

Marie Peugnet

Logistics Assistant

I really appreciate a busy day when time flies, and running during lunch with my colleagues to review some files.
I dislike roadworks and very impatient people.

Carole Focone

Logistics Assistant

I love to laugh with my colleagues and my good humour is contagious. I like facing new challenges in my daily work.
But I dislike the unknown.

Jennifer Luraghi

Logistics Assistant

I like playing with figures and being ready to lend a helping hand.
I dislike talking about myself and injustice.

Laetitia Felix

Accounting Officer

I like welcoming our customers, and the strong relationships we have built together throughout the years.
I don’t like chasing payments, and overdue payments 😉

Marie-Dominique Dubois

Account Receivable and Hospitality Manager

I like being involved in Twins’ wonderful adventure (which I’ve now been part of for more than 2 decades), the diversity of my job, feeling useful to the company, working in a quiet environnent, determined people and hydrangeas.
I dislike doors banging in draughts, praline taste and when the wheels of my bicycle get stuck in the tram lines.

Agnes Prevost

Chief Financial Officer

I like in TWINS the brilliant mix of pure professionalism, profund respect of its team, producers and clients, and long-term vision, in a laid-back and collaborative atmosphere.
I don’t like the constant supply of sweets in the kitchen that forces me to stay away and think about returning (going) to the gym…

Adrien Laurent

Strategy & Development Director

I like working on many different subjects in the same day, working with all TWINS teams and every estate, and eating a small chocolate with my coffee after lunch, especially in TWINS office always full of culinary temptations!
I dislike paperwork, reiterating a request for fear of disturbing, and rain which makes me wet.

Marie-Caroline Ringot

Marketing and Communication Manager

Out of the box


Alain Moses creates TWINS


After Sebastien’s arrival in 2000,
the Moses brothers unite to develop TWINS


First employee hired abroad


Second employee hired abroad (Asia)


Acquiring stake in Maison Garros expanding TWINS presence to the French market


TWINS relaunches with new brand identity


Face to Face videos


Creation of our own exhibition stand


30 years of TWINS










A major player

Of La place de Bordeaux

Since 2019, Maison Garros has joined Twins. Maison Garros is a family-run wine merchant, exclusively dedicated to events in France, which allows the group to work all around the world.

Strong and shared values: Trust, Humanity, Passion, Free Spirit, while staying True to our Core Beliefs.